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Feeling a little lost or overwhelmed by the destination? Whether in Greece or abroad, we can be there to help make your trip easier, care free and memorable.

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So what’s the story behind Indie Horizons? Learn who we are, why we decided to launch our cool project, and how much we differ from a typical travel agency.

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october 2016

5oct19:30- 22:30The Traveller's Pub, Oct '16Swapping travel tales in Athens, Greece

7oct10:00- 12:00The Traveller's Lounge, Season 2Our weekly radio show

19oct19:30- 22:30The Traveller's Lunchbox, Oct '16 (Thailand special)Tasting ethnic cuisine in Athens, Greece

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When every traveller was still also an explorer,
the compass was the utmost essential part of his kit.
Let's always remember this feeling of excitement,
of journeys to distant and exotic places further of the horizon,
every time we modern travellers embark in our own modest expeditions.
Selected World Travellers


Andromachos Dimitrokallis
Managing Director
World Expeditions specialist

To Andromachos, the world is divided between places he’s been and places he hasn’t been yet, although he’s equally knowledgeable about both.

Travel Map, Dimitrokallis
Greece, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Mauritania, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Iceland, Greenland, Bulgaria, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Cuba, Cayman, Jamaica, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

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