Join us on select trips Further of the Horizon.
We've already been there.

Our story

Once upon a Trip there was a Traveller. He liked things to run smoothly over his journeys, but didn’t like the tourist mentality and rush attitude of group tours. So he travelled independently.

But there were problems. He had to invest endless afternoons in research (and daydreaming). He had to book everything by himself. He didn’t know whether the accommodation would be comfortable (or even real), whether the local guide would show up on time (or even at all), and he ended up wasting a lot of extra money and effort. But he had the time of his life!

So he later returned from his travels. He thought, “Hey, I’ve already been there, what if I try to help others going over as well?”. That way, he would ensure that the next Traveller would have available access to a meticulous in-depth research and a firsthand source of information, coming from experienced and knowledgeable organisers.

So the Traveller founded Indie Horizons.

He wanted to preserve the freedom of solo travel, so he focused on custom trips.

He wanted to break the tourist bubble, so he added local and varied experiences.

He wanted to make travelling flexible and affordable, so he kept the cost down.

Join us on select trips Further of the Horizon.
We’ve already been there.

No longer need to waste hours on tiresome research.
No longer need to waste hours on tiresome research.
An energetic team of travellers, eager and dedicated to travel all around the world
An energetic team of travellers, eager and dedicated to travel all around the world

Who we are

We are an energetic team of travellers, eager and dedicated to explore as much as possible of the sights and experiences that our wondrous planet has to offer. Through our Travel Club, we organise trips to every corner of the world, both for ourselves and other fellow travellers. While resting back in our base, we organise and participate in various travel-related events, bringing the “away” back home and keeping the travelling magic alive.

  • Our membership is free and open to all passionate travellers, particularly to those who feel that the world is their oyster and long to explore it, experiencing the cultural and natural uniqueness of each destination.
  • By being an online only project with no physical location, we can afford to keep our prices really low, charging only a flat 5% research fee on all services scheduled through our help.
  • We are committed to finding the most value for money and suitable solution for your trip, aiming to offer destinations and experiences that we have personally researched firsthand.
  • That way, we can facilitate other travellers by removing the cost and anxiety of finding a reliable guide, transport or accommodation, while getting the opportunity to support our own future trips and events.


A Travel Club for those who feel that the world is their oyster
and long to explore it.

What we do

Around the World in 80 Trips

Our signature programme, a collection of great journeys dedicated to cover the entire planet and see pretty much everything you can in, well, about 80 trips (perhaps a bit more). All schedules (and prices) are mostly indicative and can be completely customised to suit your own particular interests, budget, travel period and length.

Around Greece in 360 Days

A more local and vacation oriented (although still heavily exploring) project, designed to give you a unique and in depth insight into one of the most beloved, beautiful and diverse countries of Europe and the world. We’re also working to develop similar projects for other countries as well, all created by experienced resident travellers.

Our Mission

“To boldly travel the World [as far and as long]
as none travelled before.”

Great journeys dedicated to cover the entire planet and see pretty much everything you can.
Great journeys dedicated to cover the entire planet and see pretty much everything you can.

Why choose us

Design of a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.
Design of a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Design of Custom Trips

If you just want to book a classic rigid tourist package, like the ones you find on a typical travel agency, you’re clearly on the wrong site, mate.

If you want us to help you design a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, completely tailored to suit your specific personal interests, budget and style, you’re exactly where you should be.

We offer custom options and custom options only. You choose the accommodation level (from hostel to 5* luxury), the transportation type (from local bus and trains to private car and flights), the inclusion of a local driver or guide, which sights you want to visit and experience to have, and we create a completely unique mix, with the help of our trusted local contacts in each destination.

Every part and little detail in our suggested portfolio can be customised according to your own specific needs and desires.

And we saved the best for last: by employing local people and agencies, having access to insider tools and tips, we can cut down your cost significantly lower compared to what you’d spend on a classic tourist agency, or even to what you’d pay if you booked the trip directly by yourself.

Tailor made experiences to suit every traveller’s budget and needs.

A deal that offers the most value for money.
A deal that offers the most value for money.

Dedication to Lower Cost

All the people at Indie Horizons are travellers, just like yourself. We’ve trotted almost half the globe, and we aspire to finish the job as soon as possible. During our adventures, we’ve developed a knack for finding the best offer available and, more importantly, how to discern the cheap from the cheapish. Therefore, we always try to offer you the deal that is most value for money, but at the same time one that will not make you miss out on important sightseeing or travelling experiences.

Our pricing is structured with total transparency in mind: for us it’s not ok simply to give you a bottom price, including everything there is into one big confounding number. We try to break down the deal in its components, so to know exactly for yourself how much is the cost for your particular flights, accommodation, transfers and our modest research fee. If you then prefer to book some of those elements yourself, no worries: you can always try your luck finding them cheaper (but you probably won’t), and at the end of the day everything is customisable.

We want to make great trips, not great profits.

Enjoy the freedom and attention of small groups.
Enjoy the freedom and attention of small groups.

Limit to Small Groups

We are perfectly aware that travelling is expensive, so we try (always upon agreement) to group together people of the same mentality and attitude, creating small and homogenous groups sharing the same interests as possible, giving each trip a unique and distinct flavour.

We limit our groups to 8 people maximum, small enough to fit in a single minivan or 2-3 private cars. That way, we can ensure that our travellers get the full attention of the local guides and the maximum freedom over sightseeing, enjoy a trip tailored exactly to their needs and be completely in control of the itinerary.

Are the small groups a more expensive option than travelling on a big bus with dozens of sweaty clueless tourists, screaming kids and slow moving oldies, while a tour guide repeats the same boring facts over and over again? Not always, and certainly not as much as you might think. And if you prefer that tourist bus over a real travelling experience, please go ahead.

And remember: by using local people, insider tips, and being an online-only project, we can offer you significantly lower prices for the same type and level of services.

Travel only with people you know or share common interests.

Focus on the uniqueness of each destination.
Focus on the uniqueness of each destination.

Immerse in Local Culture

For us, there is no point travelling to the other side of the world, simply to repeat the same stuff you might do back in your home base. Why stick to burgers when you can enjoy delicious street food? Why sleep European when you can have a unique authentic residence? Why not mingle with the locals in their markets, walk in their streets, enjoy their performances, witness their festivals and religious customs?

We focus on the uniqueness of each destination, trying to showcase its particular splendour. We hunt for monasteries in Tibet, beaches in the Caribbean, bazaars in the Middle East, safaris in Africa.

We do not pre-include activities or entrance fees in our packs, so that you can choose only those that really suit you. We do not provide meals other than breakfast, so you can have direct control over the style and cost of your food. Instead, we offer recommendations about genuine activities that would immerse you in the local culture and mindset.

The point is always to transfer more power and freedom to you, so that you can spend your precious little travel time in whatever way you feel like yourself.

Break free of the tourist bubble, engage directly with the local people.

Firsthand research and experience of the destinations.
Firsthand research and experience of the destinations.

Guaranteed Personal Research

We’ve been there. We have experienced firsthand the destinations, we have slept in the hotels, we shook hands with the guides, we have eaten the local food, we have photographed the sights (and dodged the grumpy security guards).

Yes, the same goes for most of the tourist guides and books you may find out there, but is it easy (or even possible) to contact directly the author to ask for details or clarifications? And how sure are you that you share the same taste, so that what she describes as “amazing” is not a pointless detour?

We are more than happy to discuss our experiences with you, and design together an itinerary tailored exactly to your specific needs and unique perspective. And even if we do not know some particular detail, our local contacts would certainly do.

We’ve already been there, we’re always here to talk.

Part of the profits is going back to the community.
Part of the profits is going back to the community.

Support Fellow Travellers

All of our programmes have been created (and tested) by a traveller just like you. Of our own profits, a fixed percentage of 20% is going back to the community, and specifically to the traveller that did the original trip and helped us set up the programme with his or hers firsthand knowledge.

In that way, we ensure that people passionate about travelling around the world get a small means of financing their next destinations. We’d wish for everybody to keep on travelling, not just for you or for us. So our mission is to make the ultimate traveller’s dream come true: journey to unique and memorable places, help others to get there as well, and make some money out of your own experiences!

Indie Horizons operates with a wiki-agency philosophy, making good use of the collective wisdom and local contacts of the travellers community, then weaving the lot into a new and unique medley, capable of satisfying every traveller’s desire or need, from the most rowdy backpacking to the most pampered luxury.

Help more people to more travelling.