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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what are you doing, exactly?

We design amazing trips! Which means that we create unique itineraries, everywhere in the world, tailor made according to your own personal specifications. We have a great deal of experience both as travellers and as organisers, so we are pretty confident of producing that perfect custom trip for you and your friends. After drafting the itinerary, we then ask from our local partners (tour operators or travel agencies) to set up the details and pricing, and we present you with the results.

How do I book a trip?

First, select your destination, or browse our trip pages to get more ideas. Then, decide upon the details, like how many days you want to travel, where you want to stay, what you want to see and experience, according to your own specific interests and needs. Finally, contact us to share your ideas, and we will build a unique awesome itinerary, just for you and your friends.

If you prefer, you may join one of the other small group trips already announced, to cut down the costs by co-travelling, or book some travel services on your own through our e-shop.

Can’t I go directly to a travel agency instead?

You may certainly do so! But seldom, according to our experience, will a travel agency deal thoroughly with an individual customised trip for any less than 10 people (the “small groups” market segment), simply because it’s not profitable enough for them. When they do, they either force you to join a larger group, or their price is prohibitively high, and since agencies mostly deal with high-end travelling options, they also tend to disregard budget-conscious travellers that prefer a modest 3* hotel, a guesthouse, or some local means of transport.

We, as travel consultants and above all travellers ourselves, will provide you with a personal customer service that is so often missing nowadays, plus we know a myriad tips for cutting down unnecessary costs to save you money for more travels!

Are you a travel agency, tour operator or official tourist guides?

No, we’re neither travel agents nor tour operators, we’re travel consultants. Which means that we don’t actually create or sell you our own products, we just put together what other companies are offering and we provide you with a new, unique mix.

We can accompany you in your travels as group leaders, if you need our help at the destination, but we are not official tourist guides, only savvy and experienced travellers. 🙂

How come your prices are so low?

By keeping an online only model we operate at a fraction of the cost that an office with physical locations has. All our material is in electronic form and all of our associates are working from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to that, we work only with local agencies and people in our destinations, without any middlemen whenever possible, so we can provide the same level of services but at a far lower cost. We also have access to unique tools and tips of the tourist trade, that we choose to use to lower our prices instead of boosting our profits.

Are there any hidden costs I should worry about?

No, there are not! We provide you with a detailed invoice for each service we select for you, and simply add on top of that our 5% fee for the original research. If we manage to create a particularly awesome low cost trip, we may charge the minimum of 5€ per itinerary day instead. And all this regardless of the number of people in your travelling party!

However, if any extra costs occur during payment, like card or transfer fees, these also burden you as a customer, and you may be charged additional handling fees to counterbalance for the extra time our team dedicates to your trip, if the communication proves to be particularly prolonged or demanding.

On the other hand, we are always striving to get an even better deal for you through our local contacts, so don’t be surprised if the final price you’ll be asked to pay is actually lower than the one that’s indicated on our schedule!

Where are your offices?

Duh, didn’t you read the answers to the previous questions? We have no offices!

But since you insist, our associates are based all over Europe and even beyond, and we try to retain good relationships with all people we work with in our destinations around the world, so we pride ourselves to be a truly global community. The project is based in Athens, Greece, where most of our local events are also taking place.

What is the difference between a travel agency and a travel club?

The main focus of a travel agency is to make profit. The main focus of a travel club is to make trips. For us, it is the traveller community that matters the most, and all of our activities are built around it. For trip creation we are as likely to use our own designed combos, or the services of any other organisation, agency or operator, domestic or international.

Why do you care more about the travellers than your own profits?

We are above all travellers ourselves, so we’re pretty sensitive about these things, especially quality and value for money, as we’ve been duped before. We are our own best customers!

Can I travel on a different itinerary/season/length than the one you propose?

All our trips are customisable to suit your own specific needs, so yes, you can do pretty much whatever you want. The schedule we propose is usually set during the optimal (unfortunately also high) season for each destination, and ensures that you will witness all the important sights and experiences that each place has to offer, in the most convenient and speediest way possible.

How do I pay? Which methods of payment do you support?

We usually need a non-refundable 50% deposit for the booking, no later than 2 months prior to departure, with final payment about 1 month prior to departure. See terms and conditions for more detailed information.

All methods of payment are online, to ensure traceability and easiness of use. Right now, we accept PayPal and direct bank transfer, with a provision to include all major credit cards in the near future. We issue the final invoice right after your final payment, which include our own fees plus the invoices of the local operators.

Do I have to be a club member to participate in your trips and activities?

Yes. And please also like our page in Facebook! 🙂

How do I become a club member? What are the fees and what are the privileges?

To become a member you just have to register in our database using your full name, your main country of residence, and your e-mail. Membership is free of charge, but some events of our club may have a minimum participation fee just enough to cover the costs.

I’ve been to an amazing trip recently, and I want to promote it. Can I join your team?

Our platform is open to every traveller who wants to collaborate with us, so please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss further. Out of our profits, 20% goes directly back to the traveller that created each trip. However, bear in mind that we are pretty strict about the quality and broadness of range of our products.

I am a travel or recreation related organisation and I want to place an offer for your members.

You are welcome to become a sponsor to our Club, place an advertisement in our website, or provide an exclusive offer for our members. We are looking for anything associated with travelling, like hotels, restaurants, bars, activities, tours, even clothing, accessories and equipment. Please contact us for additional information.

I have additional questions I need to ask you!

Please feel free to contact us through email, Skype, or the social media. We’re here to talk!

Travel Club Rules

The traveller must have self-management.

  • There are no group leaders.
  • Each and every one is sole responsible for himself.
  • The rest of the group and the trip does not stop nor wait for anyone.
  • The programme is strictly observed and with absolute precision.
  • There is no exclusive personal treatment, such as for nutrition or health issues.
  • Travellers participate in all trips, events, and activities at their own risk.

The traveller must have sufficient knowledge of English and modern technology.

  • All tours are conducted in English and without translation.
  • Each traveller should be able for basic self-communication on the destination.
  • The programme and all communication is made exclusively in electronic form.
  • Each traveller should be familiar with electronic maps and basic travel applications.

The traveller must be travel conscious.

  • We behave restrainedly, and never in an offensive or inappropriate manner.
  • We respect the places and people we visit, and act according to the local customs.
  • Everyone is mindful of the environment and picks up his own trash.
  • We aim for the minimum impact to our destinations.
  • We respect the diversity and personality of our fellow travellers.

The traveller must be in good enough physical condition.

  • Although there are no age restrictions, there are endurance limits.
  • Each traveller should be sufficiently prepared for all included activities.
  • The tours are long and often require walking over considerable distances.
  • The programme is dense and the activities may often be strenuous.

The traveller must be well organised.

  • Most trips are designed and organised approximately 3-6 months prior to departure.
  • Booking is made 2 months and final payment 1 month prior to departure.
  • The traveller must be well informed about the particularities of each destination.
  • Each traveller must have all necessary equipment for the trip and the included activities.
  • We adapt to the trip, not the trip to us.

Terms & Conditions

Regarding Travel Services

  • By choosing to travel with us, you are automatically accepting our terms and conditions. You are also kindly requested to comply with the directives of the local partners and the special customs or norms of each destination.
  • Indie Horizons is not a travel agency or a tour operator. All travel services are conducted by third party companies which act as our local or international partners. The services of Indie Horizons are limited to travel consulting and the brokerage of the corresponding services of its partners.
  • When travelling with an escort guide, bear in mind that this person is there to provide you with personal assistance and information regarding the destination, to the best of his/hers ability. However, he/she may not be a qualified tour guide and is not to be held liable for your own personal belongings or well being.
  • Although we have strictly selected our local partners among the best available, Indie Horizons does not have or accept any liability regarding their conducted services.
  • To cover against all odds, we strongly suggest our travellers to complement their booking with travel insurance from an international company, which can also be done through our website.
  • Indie Horizons will always try to inform the traveller as best as possible about the conditions and requirements needed for each trip. However, the traveller is the sole responsible for the suitable and timely preparation for the trip, including passport, visa, medical or other special requirements.
  • Indie Horizons reserves the right to refuse its services in certain cases, such as to minors, to people disregarding its travel policies or the policies of its local partners, or on legal and medical grounds.
  • For any cancellation, whether from the traveller’s part, the local partner, or due to extraordinary events such as strikes, natural hazards, local unrest or armed conflict, refund can only be made in accordance to the policy of the local partner or the international insurance provided. Rest assured that we, as Indie Horizons, are committed on trying to get the best possible deal for our travellers.

Regarding our website

  • By using our website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, as well as to the use of cookies.
  • By posting material to our website, you agree that your content may be edited or even deleted in accordance with our guidelines. Not tolerated behaviour includes repeated or spamming messages, breach of intellectual property, and derogatory comments towards specific persons, groups of people or companies. We reserve the right to delete the insulting content and blacklisting you upon repeated offenses.
  • All uploaded media (visual, audio, text or information) on display here are property of Indie Horizons or their corresponding creator, and are protected by international copyright laws. Visitors are not allowed to upload material of third parties if they do not have permission to do so or without mentioning the original source.
  • Visitors cannot share or distribute any displayed material without mentioning this website as the source and without prior consent of the original creator. Failure to do so may incur legal action from Indie Horizons or the corresponding interested parties.
  • On the unlikely case of any copyright infringement, Indie Horizons states emphatically that it occurred without its prior knowledge or approval and will do its best to cooperate and promptly remove the relevant material.

Privacy Policy

  • All personal data collected, for example through the member registration or invoicing process, are protected and used by Indie Horizons for internal statistical purposes only.
  • No financial information, such as credit card or bank account number, is stored through our system. All electronic transactions are conducted through trusted international third party companies, such as PayPal, that use up-to-date security and encryption methods. For additional details please refer to their respective privacy policies.
  • By subscribing to our newsletter or registering as a Club Member you agree to receive in your email our periodic communication, such as the newsletter or various offers from ourselves and our major sponsors. However, you may choose to unsubscribe from our lists any time you want