Share your travels with new friends.
Started in Athens, set out to wander the world.

The most alternative Travel Club
has just landed!

We are an energetic international community of travellers, based on Athens, eager and dedicated to explore as many as possible of the sights and experiences that our wondrous planet has to offer. Our campsite is open to everyone, to share information, stories and ideas about travelling to places further of the horizon, as near or as far as the heart desires. Our mission is “to boldly travel the world (as far and as long) as none travelled before”.

We use our Travel Club to organise trips to every corner of the globe, both for ourselves and other fellow travellers. While resting back in our base, we organise and participate in various travel-related events, bringing the “away” back home and keeping the travelling magic alive.

So welcome aboard and we wish to you all long and happy travels!

Born from travellers, for travellers.
Started in Athens, set out to wander the world!

The most alternative Travel Club has just landed.
The most alternative Travel Club has just landed.
All travellers welcome.
All travellers welcome.

A community of independent travellers

Interact with fellow travellers

Meet people from all over the world, united in our common passion for travelling to places further of the horizon. Read interesting stories, get new ideas and share precious info.

Participate in local events

Keep the travelling magic alive while back in your home base. Taste ethnic food, visit culture haunts, explore new destinations, learn travelling tips, and built some new friendships.

Travel together with friends

Keep posted about co-travelling opportunities, and embark on new and exciting journeys. Share your trip experience and have fun among like-minded people with similar interests.

Capitalise on your passion

Make the ultimate traveller’s dream come true, by getting rewards out of your own travelling wisdom. Be a local guide, create a great trip, or promote your own unique material.

Local Club Activities

Travel themed activities organised by the local branches of our travel club.
Stay tuned, stay engaged!

 The Traveller’s Pub

Get together with fellow travellers for socialising, drinks and general merriment, exchanging travel tales and trip ideas.

The Traveller’s Lunchbox

Our ethnic foodie gathering, sampling tastes from around the world, with each month dedicated to a different cuisine.

The Traveller’s Path

Explore some of our favourite places and downtown neighbourhoods on a leisurely walking tour around Athens. 

The Traveller’s Trail

Stretch your legs and enjoy nature on a relaxing short hike in the surrounding Attica mountains, with a break afterwards. 

The Traveller’s Experience

Unique local and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed right next door, to share with your fellow travellers. 

The Traveller’s Showcase

Presentation of a beautiful destination or travel topic. Learn new and interesting things, join the discussion and have fun. 

The Traveller’s Lounge

Our weekly magazine and radio show, full of exciting news and stories from every corner of the world. 

Co-travelling Opportunities

Visit our campsite at our Facebook group!
Share stories and keep the travelling magic alive!
Complete our little questionnaire to become an
official Club member! We promise it's fun, too!
The very essence of a Travel Club is to take trips together.
The very essence of a Travel Club is to take trips together.

Early bird exploring

Want to cut down costs even further?

Join us in exploring new destinations!

The very essence of a Travel Club is to take trips together. Apart from the options that we’re currently offering through our platform, we’re never stop travelling all over the World, in our endless quest to visit every corner of it.

If you want to take part in the exploration process, we’ll be glad to have you on board! That way you don’t have to pay any additional booking fees, and all travel costs will be divided equally between our group. If you want, you may even participate in the planning and research phase. Plus, you’ll get one of us as a free of charge guide!

However, you should keep in mind that we will be embarking on a completely new territory, which none of us probably ever visited before, and no matter how thorough the research, things can easily go awry and some sights might be left out by mistake.

Stay in tune with our news, to find out more about any future endeavours. Usually, announcements are being made about 6 months prior to departure.


What we generally want from our trips.

  • Our trips are designed to cover the entire planet in the best and most comprehensive way possible. The number 80 is mostly indicative and used for emphasis, as in practice the number may vary, depending on the interests and abilities of each individual traveller.
  • We are searching for the uniqueness of each destination, like beaches in the Caribbean, monuments in Rome, monasteries in Tibet, bazaars in the Middle East, safaris in Africa.
  • We are searching for the modern aspect of each destination as well, not only for the historic or ancient, including the lifestyle and daily lives of the local people.
  • We are searching for an integrated experience, including elements of natural, archaeological, folkloric and sociological interest.
  • We are searching for the actual reality, not just the tourist showcase, including the rich and the poor, the old and the modern, the beautiful and the ugly.
Planning the perfect getaway.


What we generally want from our travellers.

The traveller must have self-management.

  • There are no tour leaders.
  • Each and every one is sole responsible for himself.
  • The rest of the group and the trip does not stop nor wait for anyone.
  • The schedule is strictly observed and with absolute precision.
  • There is no exclusive personal treatment, such as for nutrition or health issues.

The traveller must have sufficient knowledge of English and modern technology.

  • All tours are made in English and without translation.
  • The traveller must be able for basic self-communication on the destination.
  • The programme and all communications are made exclusively in electronic form.

The traveller must be travel conscious.

  • We do not behave like in a zoo or a playground.
  • We respect the places and people we visit.
  • Everybody is mindful and picks up after its own trash.
  • We aim for the minimum impact to our destinations.
  • We respect the diversity and personality of our fellow travellers.

The traveller must be in good enough physical condition.

  • Although there are no age restrictions, there are endurance limits.
  • The tours are long and often require walking over considerable distances.
  • The programme is dense and the activities may often be strenuous.

The traveller must be well organised.

  • Most trips are scheduled approximately 3-6 months prior to departure.
  • Booking is made 2 months and final pay 1 month prior to departure.
  • The traveller must be well informed about the particularities of each destination.
  • We adapt to the trip, not the trip to us.


How we generally build our trips.


The trips’ duration is from 2 to 4 weeks, in order to see as much as possible of the uniqueness of a wider area and avoid doubling back, thus saving effort, time and money.


The season of the trip does not depend on the respective Western vacations or holidays, but only on the optimal time for visiting each destination. Other factors are also taken into account, like important holidays or festivities affecting the destination, so as to avoid overcrowding, increased accommodation prices and probable contingencies.


The aim of the trips is to reveal the uniqueness of each destination, both positive and negative, traditional and modern, and whatever kind that may be, cultural, architectural, natural, commercial, folklore or other. Special emphasis is given on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Local partners

It is preferred to cultivate stable and long-term relations with suitable local agencies, so as to obtain better prices and provide continuity and accountability if the need arises.


The trips cater to independent travellers, do not include an escort guide, while a local guide is only included wherever it is deemed absolutely necessary or at least exceptionally useful.

Group size

The size of each group shall remain small, maximum of 8 travellers, while at the same time attempting to create homogeneity by putting together people of similar interests and abilities.

Travel decisions

Any needed overall decisions will be taken democratically by majority vote from the group, but they will be non-binding for each individual participant.


Each traveller is responsible for himself and his own particular needs. The group and the trip does not stop, slow, or deviate from schedule for none.


The schedule for each destination is mostly indicative and will be detailed according to the interests of each individual group and traveller.


A walking tour is preferable to a bus, whenever possible, as to enjoy more of the atmosphere of each particular destination. The use of guides within cities is also discouraged, unless necessary, to allow for more freedom and roaming about.


The schedule is kept dense and full, but it is also flexible and includes plenty of free time, especially in the cities, whenever this is possible.


Transportation is chosen to allow for the maximum possible time in each destination, despite any increase in cost. A longer route is preferred only if it is of outstanding natural beauty or cultural value.


For accommodation it is preferred to stay in local boutique hotels inside the city centre, to make exploration on foot easier. The larger all inclusive luxurious hotels are generally avoided, as they tend to alienate travellers from the destination and do not offer value for money. On general we aim for good 3* hotels of Western standards, although we might consider decent cheaper options (guesthouse, camp) as well.


Apart from breakfast, no other meals are included, so that each traveller can have the option of tasting the local cuisine and select for himself the style and the cost of his own food.

Average cost

The average total cost is usually estimated around 500-1000€/week per person in double room, including international and domestic tickets, accommodation, group tours and local taxes.


How demanding we expect the trip to be.