59. Iceland, Stokksnes peninsula beach, Hofn
Enrich your journey, broaden your mind.
Travel coaching and experience design services.
Travel coaching is the use of travelling experiences
as educational material and personal development tool,
enhancing critical thinking, innovative creativity and cultural empathy,
providing powerful inspiration and insightful food for thought,
exposing our minds to new possibilities,
and challenging our perspectives.
Travel Further / Think Deeper.
Unique journeys
further of the horizon.
#05. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.

Get inspired by our selected itineraries and let’s design a unique travel learning experience, with detailed coaching breadcrumbs, tailored to the needs of your organisation.

coaching workshops.
#54. Malawi, sunset at Cape Maclear.

Indie Horizons offers a wide range of immersive coaching activities,  interactive workshops, and inspirational seminars, aiming to facilitate personal growth and challenge our perspectives.

Personal travel consultation sessions.
#36. Cuba, classic American car in Havana.

Let’s explore together your travel goals and dreams, to help you embark on more meaningful and empowering trips, and guide you along the transformative journey of your life.

For business organisations and individual travellers

Travel Coaching in pursuit of...


Change Management

Travelling help us cope with an ever-changing world, exposing us to challenging new perspectives, immersing in diverse cultural environments, learning to break free of our comfort zone.


Sustainable development

Travel Coaching helps organisations achieve targets of sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity, raise awareness for environmental and social impact, adopt and implement ESG policies.


Human Empowerment

Travel Coaching helps build confidence, appreciate ourselves and each moment, achieve life balance, learn new ways to overcome obstacles, and motivate to positively affect the world around us.


Visionary Leadership

Who is going to lead us into the future is as critical a question as what future we are heading to. Travel Coaching helps nurture the necessary skills to transform managers to leaders, and leaders to visionaries.


Innovative Creativity

Unfamiliar travel destinations and situations require problem-solving, flexible mindset, and thinking outside the box. New sights and experiences cultivate our creativity and innovative approach.


Cultural Empathy

Travelling help us develop our social skills, non-verbal communication, and cross-cultural understanding. We learn to accept other people and respect their point of view, which may be radically different to ours.

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About Me


Andromachos Dimitrokallis
I travel and I know things.
Business & Executive Coach / Experience Designer

I am Andromachos Dimitrokallis, business coach and experience designer, founder of Indie Horizons, creator of the Travel Coaching methodology and the signature programmes “Around the World in 80 Trips” and “Athenian Wanderings”.

With a background in natural sciences and marketing, I started coaching professionally in 2012, specialising in change management, innovation and development, at both business and personal level. A dreamer at heart and passionate traveller, I lead coaching workshops inspired by my journeys, design unique itineraries focusing on cultural discovery, sustainability awareness, and slow travel, and create immersive experiences dedicated to challenge our perspectives, facilitate personal growth, and enhance self-empowerment.

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Travel map Andromachos (Jan 2023)
Greece, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Mauritania, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Iceland, Greenland, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Cuba, Cayman, Jamaica, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Nepal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Western Sahara (55 countries/Jan 2023)
When every traveller was still also an explorer,
the compass was the utmost essential part of his kit.
Let's always remember this feeling of excitement,
of journeys to distant and exotic places further of the horizon,
every time we modern travellers embark in our own modest expeditions.