#09. Bhutan, chorten in the mist at Dochula Pass
Born from travellers, for travellers.
Unique journeys further of the horizon.
#59. Iceland, hiking along Asbyrgi canyon
#59. Iceland, hiking along Asbyrgi canyon

Our Story

Once upon a Trip there was a Traveller. He spent half his day dreaming about places beyond the horizon, but did not like the mass tourism mentality, the big groups and rushed tours. So he decided to design his own discovery journeys. And he had the time of his life!

But the Traveller was also a Coach. He realised that there is Wisdom to be found in travelling, and many Lessons to be learned. He was puzzled why most people return from their trips without being transformed by their experiences, still carrying the exact same mental suitcase that they left with at the beginning. Unchanged. Untouched. Unyielding.

Once the Traveller returned from his journeys, he decided to help others travel in a different way. Become Explorers. Discover new places beyond the horizon. At their own pace. According to their own needs and desires. Trips as unique as each and every one of us. But most importantly, trips which provide us with insightful food for thought and help us grow as a person. And that process, he called it Travel Coaching.

So the Traveller founded Indie Horizons.
Because travelling should be exciting, engaging, and meaningful.
Because travelling should be about flexibility and freedom of choice.
Because travelling should be about exploring new enchanting places.
Because travelling should be about immersing in different cultures.
Because travelling should be fun, but also provide a learning experience.
Because travelling should be, above all, about discovering yourself.

#02. Georgia, Ethnological museum, Tbilisi
#02. Georgia, Ethnological museum, Tbilisi

Who we are

Indie Horizons is a consulting agency founded by Andromachos Dimitrokallis in 2015, providing travel coaching workshops, interactive storytelling scenarios, and experience design services. Our customers include business and non-profit organisations, educational institutions, coaching and wellness groups, travel professionals, individual travellers, and everyone passionate and eager to explore the wondrous sights and insights that our world has to offer. While resting between trips, we keep the travelling magic alive with exciting travel-inspired events for our expanding local traveller and expat community in Athens.

The focus of Indie Horizons activities is the use of travel experiences as educational material and personal development tools, providing powerful inspiration and insightful food for thought, exposing our minds to new possibilities, challenging our perspectives, enhancing critical thinking, innovative creativity, cultural empathy, and self-empowerment. Travelling on unique journeys further of the horizon, we aim to open up the horizons of our minds, leading to valuable insights and revelations, to the benefit of our own self, as well as the organisations and communities we are part of.

Although we do not offer tourist services, we provide detailed recommendations and links, which you can use to book directly online, through our selected partner network of local operators, or your preferred travel agency.

02. Azerbaijan, traditional tea cups at Icherisheher, Baku
02. Azerbaijan, traditional tea cups at Icherisheher, Baku

What we do

  • interactive travel coaching workshops, focusing on selected destinations abroad and in Athens, providing participants with powerful inspiration and insightful food for thought.
  • private travel consultation sessions, helping travellers create more meaningful and sustainable journeys that enhance awareness, personal growth, and self-empowerment.
  • design of self-guided itineraries to every corner of the world, with embedded coaching breadcrumbs, focusing on cultural exploration, immersive experiences, and perspective shift.
  • unique interactive storytelling scenarios around Athens, such as live role-playing and geo-gaming, designed to both entertain and educate participants of any age.
  • exciting travel-inspired activities for our local traveller and expat community, including neighbourhood discoveries, nature appreciation, food tasting, and unique experiences.
  • dedicated business coaching services, focusing on change management, business organisation and development, available through our sister label Liberal Consulting.
#80. Greece, staircase of Toy Museum, Athens
#80. Greece, staircase of Toy Museum, Athens

Our signature programmes

Around the World in 80 Trips / World Expeditions

A collection of great journeys covering the entire planet, dedicated to showcase the cultural uniqueness and natural diversity of different parts of the world.

Around Greece in 52 Weeks / Greece Discoveries

A combination of exploration and relaxation, offering travellers an in depth insight of one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries of Europe.

Around Athens in 7 Days / Athenian Wanderings

A series of unique experiences around Athens and Attica, enabling travellers to discover the true heart of this dynamic city, beyond the classic tourist routes.

All destinations are available as facilitated coaching workshops, interactive inspirational seminars, or tailored self-guided itineraries, according to needs and interests of the participants.

Why choose us

68. Belgium, the Atomium, Brussels
68. Belgium, the Atomium, Brussels

Travel learning

It is often said that travelling is one of the best education an individual can have. But how is this learning process generated? How can it become more focused? And how can we ensure that these valuable lessons have the most impact in our lives?

The focus of Indie Horizons activities is the use of travelling experiences as educational material and personal growth tool. Every designed itinerary is sprinkled with coaching breadcrumbs, powerful inspiration and insightful food for thought which help travellers enhance their critical thinking, develop cultural empathy, and challenge their perspectives.

Anyone can travel, but not everyone returns home wiser from their trips. Most people choose to keep their mental baggage full of their own assumptions, closing their eyes to the myriad different sights, experiences, and possibilities that our wondrous world has to offer. It’s easy to travel as a tourist for vacation. It’s hard to travel as an explorer for discovery, and even harder to travel as an apprentice, actively seeking to question what you believe, and learn from your experience.

Travel as educational material and personal growth tool.

#58. Ireland, Giant's Causeway
#58. Ireland, Giant's Causeway

Thorough firsthand Research

We are experienced and savvy travellers. But on top of that, we are experienced researchers.
We spend countless hours in online as well as field research, compiling a variety of activities for any type of traveller in each destination. We search street by street, page by page, to find the best route, the best solution, the ideal local guide to use. We expand our knowledge base every day with new information.

We have high standards, and we select only those activities that match them.
Trips should be engaging. Trips should be flexible. Trips should be affordable.

We know perfectly well that to most travellers the research is half the fun of the trip.
But today we deal with too much information. Too many blogs to read. Too many reviews to unravel. And each traveller has its own personal point of view, that most likely differs significantly from your own. A travel coach will help you save time, and use their expertise to filter out the noise and deliver to you only information that matters.

Born from travellers, for travellers.

#06. Iran, spices at Isfahan bazaar
#06. Iran, spices at Isfahan bazaar

Immerse in local culture

Travel should be sustainable and empowering to the local communities.
We always look for ways to minimise the impact our trips have to the environment. And your travels can help others. By using local companies, you ensure that the money you spent go directly to the local people. Always respect local culture. After all, you are their guest.

Use local guides. Sleep in local accommodation. Eat local food.
There is no point travelling to the other side of the world, simply to repeat the same things you can do back in your home base. Forget the burgers, hit the exotic night market. Walk the streets. Join a festival. Mingle with the local culture as much as possible.

But local does not mean low quality.
A cute English cottage. A traditional Japanese inn. A beach guesthouse. A French café. We try to include the most authentic options in our trips. The point is to let yourself fully immerse and become one with the destination.

Break free of the tourist bubble.

#54. Mozambique, mosque at Ilha de Moçambique
#54. Mozambique, mosque at Ilha de Moçambique

Freedom and flexibility

Forget the classic tourist package. Forget the big bus. Forget the rushed sightseeing.
By creating your own unique journey, you will experience exactly what you want to see, for as long as you want, travelling solo or with your chosen companions.

Indie Horizons designs trips which ensure a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Every itinerary is tailored to your own personal interests and needs. You can spend the night in a hostel, in a treehouse, or in a luxury villa. You can spend your days visiting museums, exploring neighbourhoods, tasting delicacies, or hiking the woods. You can travel by train, by rental car, by local minibus, or even by horse cart. You can join a local tour or wander around on your own. The choice is always yours.

There are no fixed departures. There are no fixed paths. There are no fixed schedules.
You will have a complete daily programme at your disposal, with detailed suggestions about things to see, do, and experience. But you are free to follow them or not. A fully and professionally organised trip, without missing the pleasure of independent travelling.

Design your own unique travel experience.

#22. Vietnam, cruising along Halong Bay
#22. Vietnam, cruising along Halong Bay

Travel your own way

Explore at your own pace.
Don’t rush. Take your time. See what you want to see. For as long as you want. Sip a cup of coffee. Relax in a hammock. Experience local culture. In our itineraries, you don’t have a programme; you have options, so that you can enjoy such moments. The choice is yours.

Appreciate the uniqueness of the world.
Our itineraries focus on the uniqueness of each destination, trying to showcase the splendour of each particular corner of the world. We hunt for monasteries in Tibet, beaches in the Caribbean, bazaars in the Middle East, safaris in Africa. Each trip with a unique and distinct flavour.

Make your own choices.
Escape from the big groups. Travel whenever you want. Explore a whole country or a single city. Travel solo, or with a company of friends. Enjoy your time together. Bond. Meet new and different people in each destination.

Explore at your own pace and time.

#36. Cuba, inner patio of a casa particular
#36. Cuba, inner patio of a casa particular

Value for money

You choose and control the price of your trip.
We are travel coaches, not travel agents. We do not take commission. Our pricing is transparent. We charge only for the advice and the research we deliver, not package tourism services. So it is up to you to decide how cheap or expensive your accommodation, flights, and activities are going to be.

We always look for the best value for money deal for our travellers.
We are budget-conscious. For us, it is best to skip some secondary luxuries, to save money for additional trips. We connect with local agencies directly, cutting out the middlemen, significantly lowering the cost of the trip. We hunt for online deals and secret discounts. And we use these discounts for the benefit of our travellers.

But cheap is not always better.
After years of travelling and travel research, we can easily discern the cheap from the cheapish. Sometimes it is much more preferable to spend a little bit more, to enjoy services of far higher quality.

See the world for less, not less of the world.