#54. Tanzania & Southeast Africa

Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Mozambique

Tanzania is the best place for the ultimate African Safari, with abundant wildlife, primeval tribes, relaxing white beaches, and charming Arab trading posts.


Hop on a sturdy 4×4 and explore the abundant wildlife of the African savannah, spending the night from adventurous tented camps to pampering luxury lodges.

Zanzibar was the key trading post between Arab merchants and African Swahili people, still capturing the best of both worlds in a unique and enchanting mix.

The white sanded beach shores beckon you to relax, sail on a traditional dhow, explore islands of breathtaking beauty, and snorkel in colourful coral reefs.


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The ultimate African safari

Tanzania is arguably the capital of African safaris, full of exciting names like iconic Serengeti or Ngoro Ngoro, that capture the imagination conjuring images right after National Geographic’s wildest programmes. Here you can check all of Africa’s “Big Five”, follow the wildebeests’ Great Migration, walk on the footsteps of some of our earliest humanoid ancestors, stay among primeval local tribes, and climb the slopes of the mighty Kilimanjaro, the “Rooftop of Africa”. Afterwards, just a short flight away, you can relax and unwind on tropical white sanded beaches, explore the enchanting alleyways and spice farms of Zanzibar and other Swahili trading posts, or discover the laid back pace of Malawi around its enormous lake. Regarding UNESCO Heritage sites, there are numerous National Parks in Tanzania, like Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro or Kilimanjaro, the lake Malawi, some rock art areas, and the exquisite architecture of the trading posts of Stone Town and Island of Mozambique.

Ultimate souvenir:

Maasai handicrafts

Suggested Destinations

TANZANIA (7-11 days)

  • Tarangire NP (optional): Huge elephant herds roaming free underneath baobab and acacia trees
  • Lake Manyara NP: Marvel at the unique tree-climbing lions, baboons, and abundant birdlife
  • Lake Eyasi: Discover the Hadzabe, one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes, and join them in their morning bush hunt
  • Ngoro Ngoro crater: Spot all of the “Big Five”, including the endangered black rhino, and visit the Oldupai Gorge
  • Serengeti: Endless plains as far as the eye can see, ideal to witness the big cats and other predators in thrilling action
  • Great Migration (optional): Follow on the hoofsteps of 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles
  • Lake Natron (optional): Striking red coloured alkaline lake, breeding ground of dwarf pink flamingos
  • Arusha NP (optional): Enjoy a walking and canoe safari, amidst the largest concentration of giraffes in Africa
  • Maasai Village (optional): Make an overnight stay among the pastoral Maasai tribe, taking part in their ceremonies
  • Chegga Village (optional): Visit the peaceful agricultural Chegga people, their markets and coffee plantations
  • Mount Kilimanjaro (optional): Hike the slopes of the Roof of Africa, conquering the top or at least the first camp

ZANZIBAR (3-6 days)

  • Stone Town: Explore the magical UNESCO alleyways of Stone Town, and take a romantic sunset dhow cruise
  • Spice Farm: Visit a colourful spice farm, taste the local products, and combine it with a dip from a nearby beach
  • Nungwi (optional): Spend a day relaxing on the northern white beaches, and observe the way of life in the local village
  • Jozani (optional): A swamp mangrove forest, home to endangered red colobus monkeys, very close to the eastern beaches
  • Fumba (optional): Sail on a traditional dhow boat, spot dolphins, swim on a sandbank and snorkel among the coral reefs
  • Dar Es Salaam (optional): Take the ferry and visit the chaotic de facto capital, while waiting to catch your flight home


  • Lilongwe: Spend some time exploring the capital and get to know the local culture of the “Warm Heart of Africa”
  • Senga Bay (optional): If you are really pressed for time, you can always visit lake Malawi as a day trip from Lilongwe
  • Dedza: Hike to one of the UNESCO Chongoni rock art sites, and discover the East African stone age petroglyphs
  • Cape Maclear: Relax on the backpacker haven, visit some nearby islands or just chill on the beach waiting for sunset
  • Liwonde NP (optional): The wildlife star of the country, the small but compact Park offers walking and canoe safaris
  • Blantyre/Zomba (optional): Visit the former capital and economic heart of the country, or hike the Zomba Plateau
  • South Luanga NP (optional): Take a 3 (or even 4) day safari on one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world

MOZAMBIQUE (3-8 days)

  • Maputo: Explore one of the least known African capitals, with a colonial legacy and unique cultural suburbs
  • Maputo (optional): Stay an extra day for a trip to the nearby beaches or islands, or to explore the wildlife on the reserve
  •  Tofo (optional): Enjoy the excellent beach and party vibes in this backpacker haven, sometimes touted as the next Goa
  • Tofo (optional): Go snorkelling, whale watching, or swimming with whale sharks and other giant marine animals
  • Vilanculos: Relax at the beach, do some horse riding, and catch the sun setting on the Indian Ocean from a dhow
  • Bazaruto Archipelago: See flamingos and amazing scenery, climb majestic sand dunes, snorkel on coral reefs
  • Island of Mozambique (optional): Marvel at the architecture of the small UNESCO protected Swahili trading port
  • Island of Mozambique (optional): Sail on a traditional dhow to secluded islands, pristine beaches and mangroves
  • Pemba/Quirimbas (optional): Discover a paradise on earth, with laid back style, amazing beach and rich coral reef

Estimated Combo Prices

*per person, assuming double/twin rooms, 6 people on safari tours, 4 people per rental car, exchange rate 1€=1.08$

Tanzania 11 days 2000€

main programme

Safari 7 days/1330€

Includes: visiting Tarangire, lake Manyara, lake Eyasi, Ngoro Ngoro crater, Serengeti plains and lake Natron National Parks, camping safari (upgrade to lodge +395€), meals

Extras: Maasai boma visit +20€, Oldupai gorge museum +30€, transfer from/to airport +10€

Safari add-ons +4 days/670€

Includes: 3* hotel/B&B, Arusha NP day trip with walking safari, Maasai village overnight, Chegga village visit, Kilimanjaro day hike

Local costs: Tanzania visa on arrival 50$, tips

Indicative international flights: +790€ (ATH-JRO/DAR-ATH)

Zanzibar 6 days 670€

main programme or extension

Zanzibar extension 5 days/350€

Includes: flight JRO-ZNZ, 3* hotel, guided activities +240€ (sunset dhow cruise, Prison Island tour, spice farm tour, Nungwi beach day trip, Jozani Forest tour, Zambiani village visit, Safari Blue cruise)

Dar Es Salaam add-on +1 day/80€

Includes: ferry ZNZ-DAR, 3* hotel

Local costs: Tanzania visa on arrival 50$

Indicative international flights: +790€ (ATH-JRO/DAR-ATH), same as Tanzania above

Malawi/East Zambia 9 days 985€


Malawi extension 6 days/565€

Includes: flight DAR-LLW, 3* hotel/guesthouse, car rental +driver, Liwonde NP activities (entrance fee, tent, meals, river boat trip, walking safari, sunset game drive)

South Luanga NP add-on +3 days/420€

Includes: camping safari (lodge +150€), meals

Local costs: Malawi visa on arrival 75$ (x2 if visiting Zambia)

Indicative international flights: +940€ (ATH-JRO/LLW-ATH)

Mozambique 7 days 1040€


Maputo/Vilanculos 4 days/705€

Includes: flights LLW-MPM-VNX-MPM, 3* hotel/guesthouse, guided activities (Maputo Mafalala tour, Bazaruto Archipelago tour, sunset cruise, beach horse riding)

Ilha de Mozambique add-on +3 days/335€

Includes: flight MPM-APL, car rental, guesthouse, guided activities (Macuti Town tour, Sunset Sail, Baobab dhow safari)

Local costs: Mozambique visa on arrival 50$

Indicative international flights: +975€ (ATH-JRO/APL-ATH)

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