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A series of unique experiences designed to explore in depth the city of Athens and its surrounding Attica area, for both foreign and local travellers.


Underneath the iconic Acropolis, Athens is full of archaeological marvels.

Discover street art murals, counter culture hotspots, and colourful flea markets.

A city full of traditional tavernas, laid back cafes, and vibrant nightlife.


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Discover Athens beyond the Acropolis

There are millions things to do and see in the city of Athens. Far beyond the tourist sites and the ancient monuments, the city beckons you to discover its secrets and delights. The best way to do it is with the help of an experienced local, who will guide you through Athens’ hidden charms. From counter-culture neighbourhoods to crystal blue beaches, and from cosy traditional tavernas to green rolling hills, Athens and its surrounding Attica area is waiting for you to explore!

Always remember that our programmes are flexible and customisable. You select the length of the itinerary, the time and date of travel, the sights you want to see, the activities you want to experience, and we create a unique mix just for you.

Food and drinks options are also available upon request.

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Neighbourhood walks

Explore the vibrant neighbourhoods of downtown Athens, discover secret local spots, listen to authentic city tales, and immerse into the Athenian way of life.


2-4 hours

Indicative Cost

40€ per person

Group Size

1-8 people


daily, upon request

Athens, Anafiotika
Picturesque Anafiotika

Discover Plaka and the heart of the city

Explore downtown Athens… with a twist! Join us on a 2500 year old journey underneath the shadow of the Acropolis. Discover the hidden gems of the most tourist parts of the city.

  • Get spectacular views through the ancient city gates
  • Touch a 2300 year old Capuchin belfry
  • Literally see the “depths of history
  • Discover a white-washed hidden neighbourhood
  • See the vibrant cafes at the famous Plaka stairs
  • See a former lodge of Whirling Dervishes
  • Wander the bustling souks of the city
  • See the “first AirBnB” of modern Athens
  • Marvel at iconic 19th century architecture
  • Imagine the colours of the Parthenon
Athens, Exarcheia
The counter-culture neighbourhood of Exarcheia
Athens, Anafiotika
Picturesque Anafiotika
Athens, Anafiotika
Picturesque Anafiotika
Athens, Anafiotika
Picturesque Anafiotika
Athens, Anafiotika
Picturesque Anafiotika

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