#11. Western India, Maharani Ki Chhatri cenotaphs, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Share your travels with new friends.
Started in Athens, set out to wander the world.
#01. Turkey, dawn balloon flight, Goreme, Cappadocia
#01. Turkey, dawn balloon flight, Goreme, Cappadocia

Welcome aboard our Travel Club!

We are an international community of travellers and expats, based in Athens, Greece, eager and dedicated to explore as much as possible the sights and experiences that our wondrous world has to offer. Our campsite is open to everyone, to share information, stories and ideas about travelling to places further of the horizon, as near or as far as the heart desires. Our mission is “to boldly travel the world (as far and as long) as none travelled before”.

Welcome aboard and we wish to you all long and happy travels!

  • Meet fellow travellers from all over the world, united in our common passion for travelling to places further of the horizon. Share travel stories, get trip ideas, and make new friends!
  • Participate in travel-related local activities, to keep the travelling magic alive while resting back at your home base. Explore every corner of Athens and around at your leisure!
  • Join or organise trips to any corner of the world. Design your own trip, get inspired by our self-guided itineraries, discover co-travelling opportunities with like-minded explorers!


For all those who feel that the whole world is their oyster.
and long to explore every corner of it. 

#80. Greece, unique street art at Psyrri, Athens
#80. Greece, unique street art at Psyrri, Athens

Local community activities

Discover the hidden charms of the neighbourhoods of Athens, the refreshing nature of the mountains of Attica, the picturesque beauty of the Greek countryside, and the wondrous sights of every corner of the World. Enjoy tailored exploration journeys and unique coaching experiences, designed from travellers for travellers. Immerse into local culture, challenge your perspectives, and broaden your mind.

  • The Traveller’s Pub
    Our open social gathering for all travellers and expats in town.
  • The Traveller’s Lunchbox
    Travel around the world bite by bite, each month tasting different cuisine.
  • The Traveller’s Path
    Discover the neighbourhoods of Athens beyond the classic tourist routes.
  • The Traveller’s Trail
    Hiking and nature appreciation in the mountains and outdoors of Attica.
  • The Traveller’s Culture
    Discover local art and culture, discuss their differences and similarities.
  • The Traveller’s Experience
    Storytelling and unique experiences to share with your fellow travellers.
  • The Traveller’s Daytrip
    Escape from Athens and explore the picturesque countryside of Greece.
36. Cuba, Playa Pilar, Cayo Coco
36. Cuba, Playa Pilar, Cayo Coco
Join the community!

Join our traveller and expat community to participate in local events and activities!

Indie Horizons Travel Club offers a voluntary annual membership plan, which provides significant discount to our events and experiences, plus access to our exclusive “Grand Map of Great Places in Athens and Beyond”, with many things to see, do, and enjoy. Travellers can become members anytime at our events or online, payment by cash or card.

indicative fee: 20€/year +tax

Co-travelling guidelines

#59. Iceland, thundering Gullfoss waterfall, Golden Circle
#59. Iceland, thundering Gullfoss waterfall, Golden Circle


How we build our itineraries.

  • Our itineraries are designed to cover the entire planet in the best and most comprehensive way possible. The number 80 is mostly indicative and used for emphasis, as in practice the number may vary, depending on the interests and abilities of each individual traveller.
  • We are searching for the uniqueness of each destination, like beaches in the Caribbean, monuments in Rome, monasteries in Tibet, bazaars in the Middle East, safaris in Africa.
  • We are searching for the modern aspect of each destination as well, not only for the historic or ancient, including the lifestyle and daily lives of the local people.
  • We are searching for an integrated experience, including elements of natural, archaeological, folkloric and sociological interest.
  • We are searching for the actual reality, not just the tourist showcase, including the rich and the poor, the old and the modern, the beautiful and the ugly.


What we generally want from our travellers.

The traveller must be well organised.

  • Most trips are designed and organised approximately 3-6 months prior to departure.
  • Travellers should be well informed about the particularities of each destination.
  • Travellers must have all necessary equipment for the trip and the included activities.
  • We adapt to the trip, not the trip to us.

The traveller must have self-management.

  • Travellers participate in all trips, events, and activities at their own risk.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travellers.
  • There are no group leaders, everyone is sole responsible for their own self.
  • There is no strict programme, only suggestions.
  • Travellers can follow their own programme, independently of others.
  • The rest of the travellers are not obligated to wait for anyone.
  • No traveller should expect exclusive treatment, such as for nutrition or health issues.

The traveller must have sufficient knowledge of English and modern technology.

  • English is the language used in most local tours and for communication purposes.
  • Each traveller should be able to communicate at the destination on their own.
  • The itinerary and all information is provided in English and in electronic form only.
  • Travellers should be able to navigate on their own using basic travel applications.

The traveller must be travel conscious.

  • We respect the places and people we visit, and act according to the local customs.
  • Travellers must be mindful of the environment and in charge of their own trash.
  • We aim for the minimum impact to our destinations.
  • We respect the diversity and personality of our fellow travellers.

The traveller must be in good enough physical condition.

  • Although there are no age restrictions, there are endurance limits.
  • Each traveller should be sufficiently prepared for all included activities.
  • The itineraries may be long or require walking over considerable distances.
  • The suggested programme may be dense and some activities may be strenuous.


How we generally design our trips.


The ultimate goal is to cover the entire world. Preferably, trips are region/country specific, and focus on the relative uniqueness of the points of interest in each destination.


Every trip component, including the duration, accommodation, transportation, programme and activities, is only indicative, and can be customised to each traveller’s needs.


The average duration of a full trip is 2-4 weeks, to cover the entire region/country in depth. A longer duration avoids doubling back, thus saving effort, time and money.


The season of the trip does not depend on the typical Western vacations or holidays, but on the ideal period to visit each destination. Other factors are also taken into account, like important local holidays or events affecting the destination, in order to avoid overcrowding, increased accommodation prices, and other unpredictable problems.


The aim of the trips is to reveal the uniqueness of each destination, both positive and negative, traditional and modern, and of whatever kind that may be, cultural, architectural, natural, commercial, or other. Special emphasis is given on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Local partners

We prefer to build long-term relations with good quality local agencies and operators, to obtain better services and provide continuity and accountability if the need arises.


The trips are designed for independent travellers, and do not include a tour director. A local guide is only included whenever it is absolutely necessary, or at least exceptionally useful.

Group size

The trips are generally designed for 2-4 people, for better flexibility. Parties larger than 8 people are more difficult to manage and to group together people of similar interests.

Travel details

Any travel details will be decided among the participant travellers as needed, but individuals can also act independently of the rest of the group.


Each traveller is responsible for themselves and their own particular needs. The rest of the group is not obligated to wait or deviate for anyone.


There is no strict programme, only indicative suggestions. The daily programme is filled with activities, but it is also flexible and includes plenty of free time, especially in the cities.

Local tours

A walking tour is preferable to a bus tour, wherever possible, to enjoy in depth the ambience of each particular destination. The use of local guides within cities is also discouraged, unless absolutely necessary, to allow for more freedom to wander around.


Transportation is chosen to allow for the maximum possible time in each destination, provided that the cost is reasonable. A longer route is preferred only if it is of outstanding natural beauty or cultural value.


For accommodation it is preferred to stay in local boutique hotels inside the city centre, to make exploration on foot easier. The larger all-inclusive luxurious hotels are generally avoided, as they tend to alienate travellers from the destination and do not offer value for money. On average we aim for good 3* hotels, although we might consider decent cheaper alternatives (guesthouse, camp) as needed. Basic amenities, such as wifi or parking, and important factors, such as the safety of an area, are also taken into account.


All-inclusive meal options are avoided, so travellers can taste the local cuisine, and select for themselves the cost and type of food they prefer. A list of suggested restaurants is provided.

Average cost

The average total cost is roughly estimated around 500-1000€/week per person in twin room, including flights, accommodation, transportation, and local activities, although it varies greatly depending on the destination and travel style.


How demanding we expect the trip to be.