Dreaming the perfect trip

#54. Tanzania, afternoon light at Serengeti National Park

Dreaming the perfect trip

We should not concern ourselves with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of pursuit.

How to start the perfect trip:

1. Open Google maps

2. Zoom out

3. Zoom out some more

4. Zoom out all the way

5. Marvel at all those so many places that you haven’t been so far

6. Start dreaming (and never stop).

Have you seen the movie “Hector and the search for happiness”? While it might not count strictly as a travel film, it certainly has some interesting elements, and highlights (albeit writhing with stereotypes) a bit of China, Africa and the US. In this film, a jaded psychiatrist decides to strap on a backpack and search abroad for the true meaning of happiness, meeting some very interesting people along the way and making some acute observations with a very emotional after effect.
Movie critic aside, it does make you think about the reason we all really travel: are we also in a constant search for happiness? When we ride our bikes (or any other favourite means of transport) towards the horizon, what do we really hope to find? Surely, curiosity is one thing that moves us, but I believe that the search for a bigger smile is certainly an additional factor. And, you know? After coming home from a long journey in a far and exotic land, it is probably that -slightly bigger each time- smile on our face that really shows the most that we did travelled. It seems like that travelling creates some permanent expression wrinkles in our souls, giving us happiness, fulfilment, and probably an odd good story or two to share around the camp fire or the fireplace…

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