Early bird exploring

Explore your travel goals and dreams in a private coaching session.

Early bird exploring

Want to cut down costs even further?

Join us in exploring new destinations!


The very essence of a Travel Club is to take trips together. Apart from the options that we’re currently offering through our platform, we’re never stop travelling all over the World, in our endless quest to visit every corner of it…

If you want to take part in the exploration process, we’ll be glad to have you on board! That way you don’t have to pay any additional handling fees, and all travel costs will be divided equally between our group. If you want, you may even participate in the planning and research phase. Plus, you’ll get one of us as a free of charge guide!

However, you should keep in mind that we will be embarking on a completely new territory, which none of us probably ever visited before, and no matter how thorough the research, things can easily go awry and some sights might be left out by mistake.

Stay in tune with our news, to find out more about any future endeavours. Usually, announcements are being made about 6 months prior to departure.