Caucasus Expedition, Spring ’17

The ancient, proud and traditional Caucasus region combines breathtaking natural beauty, remarkable religious monuments, and charming cosmopolitan cities.

Caucasus Expedition, Spring ’17

Join us on an exploration journey Further of the Horizon, part of our Around the World in 80 Trips programme. See the world for less, not less of the world!

Early bird departure: May ’17

Travellers can also join on specific destinations or parts of the trip instead of the whole duration. The exact date, length, programme and cost of the trip will be discussed and arranged between the travellers involved. Contact us for reservations or additional details.

Destinations visited: Azerbaijan (4 days), Georgia (10 days), Armenia (6 days)

Departure: 22/5 – 12/6 (full programme)

Indicative cost: 585€ (full programme)

International flights: +320€ from/to Athens

Transportation: self drive car rental, trains

Accommodation: 3* hotels, guesthouses

Trip Highlights

  • Wander the alleyways of Baku Old City and visit the palaces of the Shirvanshahs
  • Discover Stone Age petroglyphs, unique mud volcanoes, Zoroastrian fire temples
  • Search for traces of the mysterious ancient Albanian Kingdom and its churches
  • Spend a day exploring Tbilisi museums, churches, old and modern architecture
  • Visit the iconic Mount Kazbek, where Prometheus was chained for stealing fire
  • Enjoy pristine mountain air at Upper Svaneti and take a hike among the high peaks
  • Taste Georgian wine and Armenian brandy, in the land where the vine originated
  • Spot the differences between remote Armenian and Georgian rock-hewn monasteries
  • Enjoy Kentron, the beautiful centre of Yerevan, which earned the nick name of Pink City
  • Pay your respects at UNESCO listed Armenian churches holding precious Christian relics
  • Witness the daily rhythm of life in the unrecognised Nagorno-Karabagh Republic


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