Horn of Africa Expedition, Winter ’16

The sands of the scorching desert, the drums of the deepest jungle, the safaris of the endless savannah, beckon the adventurous spirit to the cradle of mankind.

Horn of Africa Expedition, Winter ’16

Join us on a select trip Further of the Horizon!
We organise our first great expedition as Indie Horizons Travel Club to explore the greater area of the Horn of Africa, with Ethiopia as our central destination.

It is not necessary for our travellers to participate in the whole trip, everyone is free to join only on specific countries or parts of the journey.
As flights and accommodation are subject to availability, early booking is highly advisable, at least 2 months prior to departure.
Meeting points can be arranged either at the departure or at the destination airports.

Trip highlights:
– Surprising Italian architecture, Asmara
– White beaches on the Red Sea, Dahlak islands
– The Confluence of Blue and White Nile, Khartoum
– Pyramids of the Nubian Pharaohs, Meroe
– Lucy’s skeleton, Addis Ababa
– Ethiopia’s highlands, Simien mountains
– Unique rock hewn churches, Lalibela
– Body decorations of the local tribes, Omo Valley
– Salt lakes beneath the sea level, lake Assal
– Snorkelling with whale sharks, Djibouti
– Ancient cave paintings, Laas Gaal

Schedule and cost:
#Eritrea (3 days, 220€, 18/1-20/1)
Asmara, Keren, Massawa, Dahlak islands
#Sudan (6 days, 530€, 21/1-26/1)
Khartoum, Dongola, Karima, Meroe
#Ethiopia (14 days, 1390€, 27/1-9/2)
Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Simien mountains, Lalibela, Aksum, Omo valley, Harar
#Djibouti (3 days, 245€, 10/2-12/2)
Djibouti, lake Assal, whale sharks (optional)
#Somaliland (2 days, 280€, 13/2-15/2)
Hargeisa, Laas Gaal, Berbera

Prices include accommodation (3* or camps), transport (4×4 with driver, internal flights), local guides.
Price do not include entrance fees, local taxes (visa, permits), international flights, meals, tips, personal expenses.
The trip and prices are subject to availability and currency fluctuations (calculated with €/$=1.14 ratio).

For additional details, contact us through Facebook (www.facebook.com/indiehorizonstravelclub) or email (info@indiehorizons.eu).


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