Tanzania Expedition, Summer ’17

Tanzania is the best place for the ultimate African Safari, with abundant wildlife, primeval tribes, relaxing white beaches, and charming Arab trading posts.

Tanzania Expedition, Summer ’17

Join us on an exploration journey Further of the Horizon, part of our Around the World in 80 Trips programme. See the world for less, not less of the world!

Early bird departure: Aug ’17

Travellers can also join on specific destinations or parts of the trip instead of the whole duration. The exact date, length, programme and cost of the trip will be discussed and arranged between the travellers involved. Contact us for reservations or additional details. 

Destinations visited: Tanzania safari (7-11 days), Zanzibar (6 days), Malawi/Zambia (9 days), Mozambique (7 days)

Departure: 30/7 – 3/9 (full programme)

Indicative cost: 4695€ (full programme)
– Tanzania main safari 1330€ (7 days)
– Safari add-ons 670€ (4 days)
– Zanzibar 970€ (6 days)
– Malawi 565€ (6 days)
– East Zambia 420€ (3 days)
– Mozambique 1035€ (7 days)

International flights: 790€-975€ from/to Athens

Transportation: guided tours, flights, car rental with/without driver

Accommodation: camping, guesthouses, 3* hotels

Local activities: safaris, dhow cruises, guided tours included

Trip Highlights

  • Spot all of the “Big Five” in the timeless Eden of the Ngoro Ngoro Crater
  • Walk in the ancestral footsteps of the very first hominids in Olduvai Gorge
  • See lions, leopards, cheetahs and other predators in action in the endless Serengeti plain
  • Follow on the hoofsteps of the Great Migration alongside 2 million wildebeests
  • Spend time among local tribes, proud Maasai, peaceful Chegga, and primeval Hadzabe
  • Climb the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro or at least hike onto its slopes
  • Wander the enchanting alleyways of ancient Arab-Swahili trading ports
  • Watch the sunset from idyllic Indian Ocean white beaches in Zanzibar or Mozambique
  • Swim alongside thousands of cichlids in the blue waters of Lake Malawi
  • Discover South Luanga National Park, one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world




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