The Traveller’s Lunchbox, Central Europe

Welcome to the Traveller's Lunchbox, discover new ethnic tastes and local delicacies each month.

The Traveller’s Lunchbox, Central Europe

19.30-22.30, 20/12/2017, Syntagma Square

Welcome to the Traveller’s Lunchbox, our ethnic foodie gathering, sampling tastes from around the world. Each month dedicated to a different cuisine!

We dedicate December to the Northern and central Europe, with its glittering Christmas markets and warm filling cuisine. This time, we will be sampling Czech, Slovak and central European delicacies on “Good Soldier Svejk”, a few metres away from Neos Kosmos metro and tram station.

Cost: Appetisers ~10€, mains 15-20€

See you there! ✈

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