The Traveller’s Lunchbox, Falafel Special, November 2017

Welcome to the Traveller's Lunchbox, discover new ethnic tastes and local delicacies each month.

The Traveller’s Lunchbox, Falafel Special, November 2017

18.30-22.00, 22/11/2017, Falafel Special, Syntagma Square  22/11/2017

Welcome to the Traveller’s Lunchbox, our ethnic foodie gathering, sampling tastes from around the world. Each month dedicated to a different cuisine!


Join us on a special Traveller’s Lunchbox, visiting 3 different Falafel joints, in the quest for the best falafel in the city centre! As these are not large restaurants, but street food walk-ins, we will taste some falafel on the spot, then continue our walk to the next one, and so on. If you miss the first rendez-vous point, you can always join us at the next one. And obviously you don’t need to have falafel, there are other things on the menu as well!


18.30 Meeting in Syntagma square
19.00 Not Just Falafel (Perikleous str.)
20.00 Falafellas (Aiolou str.)
21.00 Falafel House (Athinas str.)
22.00 End at Monastiraki square

Total walking distance: 1.3km (Syntagma metro station – Monastiraki metro station)

Cost: Each falafel wrap costs about 3-5€

See you there! ✈

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