The Traveller’s Workout, Koukaki stage

Traveller's Workout

The Traveller’s Workout, Koukaki stage

10:00-12:00, 09/12/2017, Filopappou hill, Athens.

Get in shape for your next adventure! Join us on an invigorating exercise programme in the open fresh air, stretch your muscles and discover useful fitness tips!

Stage #01: Koukaki

First we will jog in Filopappou hill (1800m circular dirt path) and then continue to exercise with a view to the Acropolis. Afterwards we can relax grabbing a coffee or bite in the homely Koukaki area.

Meeting point: Syggrou-Fix metro station (Drakou exit)
Fitness trainer: Dafni Roilou
Necessary equipment: Trainers, tracksuit or similar sportswear
Participation fee: 5€/person