Flashpacker mentality

#71. Portugal, National Palace, Sintra

Flashpacker mentality

A sense of exploration and adventure, with a little more comfort and style.


The Flashpacker can be described as an independent traveller who combines a backpacker’s sense of exploration and adventure with a little more comfort, budget and style.

Most backpackers who have turned 30, believe that they have finally earned the right to a private bathroom (among other small luxuries). And with age comes wisdom (and a little bit more income), which means that, by keep travelling smartly, you can still stretch your budget to explore a destination to the fullest, but on the same time allow (and afford) small luxuries such as boutique hotels, lots of extra activities, and swift flights instead of arduous bus journeys. And comfort (and income) is often associated with new cravings and high-tech gadgets. It’s more elegant to go wine-tasting than to pass out drunk, it’s more efficient to navigate by map apps than rely on blind chance or passersby, it’s more interesting to capture unique moments on a good camera than to let them slip your mind, and it certainly pays off to have better walking shoes and travelling equipment.

However, the love of the freedom of independent travel is still strong, as is the longing to explore as far as our hearts desire, and the need to experience the local culture with all the senses. The flashpacker will never devolve into a mere group tourist, continuing to testing the limits of their comfort zone, sampling the local flavours, preferring the boutique guesthouse to the 5* resort, walking the streets to get the vibes, and brush shoulders with people in the local market. The unique tailored itineraries of Indie Horizons are designed to offer exactly that feeling, helping us make the most of our precious travel time, experiencing the maximum possible in a destination, but with the minimum possible expenditure of time and money.