14. Sri Lanka, Buddha statues at Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo
Explore at your own pace and time.
Design your own unique travel experience.
#54. Tanzania, handicrafts of the Hadzabe Tribe, Lake Eyasi.
#54. Tanzania, handicrafts of the Hadzabe Tribe, Lake Eyasi.

Travel Coaching workshops

Facilitated activities for larger groups and organisations

Indie Horizons provides a variety of tailored facilitated coaching activities for larger groups and organisations, such as immersive workshops or inspirational seminars, aiming to familiarise a wider audience with the methodology and benefits of Travel Coaching. These experiences can be destination specific or thematic, with a variable duration from a few hours to a week or more, whether in combination with a trip or not.

The process usually includes an exposure phase, where the participants focus on selected highlights (“coaching breadcrumbs”) along a carefully designed route, a discussion phase, where the topics are actively processed and openly debated, and a revelation phase, where the findings lead to further insights, perspective awareness, and personal development.

Indie Horizons also offers online seminars on Trip Design, Travel Coaching, Travel Ethics, and similar travel-related topics, with a certificate of participation provided upon request.

Indicative fee: 50€/hour +VAT

The fee is calculated for a maximum of 8 persons. Different rates may apply for larger teams (+5€/person/hour). The minimum charge is 4hr for a workshop or seminar. Additional expenses may incur depending on the nature of each activity.

#36. Cuba, classic American car in Havana.
#36. Cuba, classic American car in Havana.

Personal Travel Coaching sessions

Let us explore together your travel goals and dreams

Travel coaching is not about where to go, but why go there.
A travel coach is not a travel consultant. They will not guide you towards specific destinations, or pre-determined packages. They will help you explore and define your personal travel goals and dreams, so together you can create the perfect trip.

Our travel coaching sessions are also about becoming a better traveller. Learn from your experience. Lead sustainable journeys. Respect and give back to the local communities. Minimize your impact to the environment. Shift your focus from bringing back souvenirs, to bringing back a new self.

Meaningful travelling is not about checking boxes. It is a transformative journey, that will test the limits of your comfort zone, help you rethink your stereotypes, and ultimately lead you to personal growth. And in the process, create lasting memories that can show you things from a different perspective.

Indicative fee: 50€/hour +VAT

The service is offered online, upon appointment, in English or in Greek, with a minimum total charge of 2 hours. In-person sessions are also possible at extra cost, within the greater metropolitan area of Athens. Our trip design services include an initial complimentary 30’ coaching session, but for further sessions normal charges apply.

#05. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
#05. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.

Trip Design services

Design a unique journey further of your horizons

Travel is not about the perfect beach. It’s not about the glorious sunset. It’s about how that particular experience resonates into your very being, opens your mind to new possibilities, and helps you grow as a person.

Indie Horizons provides a fully facilitated coaching experience, connected with specific learning objectives, for both individuals and organisations. Together, we will define your travel goals, discover the ideal destination, and design the perfect journey to fulfil them. But at the same time, throw into the mix something that may challenge you. Experiences that will show you things from a different perspective. Break your stereotypes. Help you learn something new.

The work of a travel coach goes beyond of just organising the trip, it’s about enriching your journey. The aim is to design a transformative experience, which will help you immerse into local culture, discover different perspectives, broaden your horizons, spark your imagination, and ultimately bring back a new self.

Because we believe travel learning should be an intimate experience, we recommend travelling solo, with your partner, or close friends, with a maximum of 8 people in your travelling party.

Indicative fee: 20€/(itinerary day) +VAT

Trip design services include an initial complimentary 30’ travel coaching session. Minimum charge is 10 days for world trips, and 5 days for Greece trips. Different fees apply to groups larger than 4 people (+5€/day/person). Trip design fees are paid in advance.

Can you give me an example of trip design costs?

  • For a 7-day trip for 4 people our fee will be 200€ (that’s 50€/person, minimum 20€/itinerary day, minimum of 10 days).
  • For the same trip, for a larger group of 8 people, our fee will be 400€ (that’s still 50€/person, 5€/person/day for groups of 4+ persons).
  • For a 15-day trip for 2 people our fee will be 300€ (that’s 150€/person, still 20€/itinerary day).
  • Mind that the minimum charge for World trips is 10 days, and for Greece trips is 5 days. If your trip is shorter than that, you will still pay the minimum number of days. This is done to promote longer, exploration trips, which will enable you to go deeper into the destination and local culture.
  • Mind also that this is the fee for our research and design, and do not include any trip costs (such as flights, accommodation, transportation, local activities, or insurance). You can book such services on your own (we will provide all the necessary links), through your preferred travel agency, or our own partners.

I am a professional or educator and want to use your destination research.

We have a special offer for travel agencies and professionals who want to access our complete research for a particular destination. This includes:

  • a detailed day-by-day itinerary programme, with a variety of options and activities to cover different travel interests
  • suggested accommodation options, from hostel to 5* resorts
  • suggested food & drink options, mainly for local cuisine
  • a good to know section, with useful information
  • contact links to local agencies and operators
  • links to further resources, official tourist websites, online travel guides
  • a map file with all relevant points of interest

Our destination research is usually offered in week-long packages (around 7-10 days). For example trip #58 (the Celtic Shores), is broken down into a week-long Scotland itinerary, and a week-long Ireland itinerary. The price for each package is 2000€ +VAT. This offer also includes a complimentary 2hr seminar for you and your employees, to get a better understanding of the reality of the destination, and clarify any questions. Of course, multiple packages (and seminars) can be purchased at the same time.

For destinations we have also concluded a field research, we can provide you with original articles and artful photography, for your company use, including advertisement purposes. The cost is 100€ +VAT for each article (per 200 words) or high resolution photo (1920 pixels). Mind that content licence remains with Andromachos Dimitrokallis and Indie Horizons, so you will need to attribute us as creators (“written by/photo by…”).

Remember that this is your own unique journey. All information provided by Indie Horizons is suggestions only. Once at the destination, you will have complete freedom to decide what to do and what not, which hotel or local company to use, and how long are you going to enjoy each sight and activity.

Trip Design Process


Envision your ideal trip, or browse through our destination pages for additional inspiration. Think of what is really important to you as a person, your organisation, your students or employees.

  • Why you want to travel to that particular place?
  • What do you want to experience in this journey?
  • What are your expectations and aspirations?
  • Which aspects/values you want to highlight/strengthen?


  • Define your trip details, when and how long you wish to travel, what is your budget and travel style, which sights and activities you want to focus on.


  • Contact us to book an initial complimentary 30’ coaching session to discuss your ideas and travel goals, and we will start designing your own unique journey right away.


  • Once you return from your journey, we strongly suggest to follow up on your trip with a personal Travel Consulting session, to discuss your experience and consolidate the personal growth process.


  • If you wish, we can also provide a local travel facilitator to help you along your journey, in any part of the world, at additional cost.
#54. Malawi, sunset at Cape Maclear.
#54. Malawi, sunset at Cape Maclear.

Explore with complete freedom

Once the design process is complete, you will receive all the necessary information to explore the destination and book the trip on your own, through your preferred travel agency, or our own partners.

  • A list of coaching breadcrumbs to follow on your journey, highlighting important points and aspects of local history, culture, and nature, providing initial food for thought and inspiration to stimulate the discovery and learning process.
  • A document file with a detailed and diverse day by day itinerary and useful good to know tips. These may include museum sightseeing, town exploration, nature activities, gastronomic discoveries, and anything else you may want to experience.
  • A map file with all the corresponding points of interest, which can also be used to navigate offline.
  • All the links to proceed with the bookings of any third party services, such as flights, accommodation, transportation, or local tours.
  • Delivery time may vary from one week to one month, depending on the length of your trip (approximately one day of research per each itinerary day). whether we have complete research of that particular destination, and on our workload.
#09. Nepal, Buddhist flags in Thamel, Kathmandu.
#09. Nepal, Buddhist flags in Thamel, Kathmandu.

Travel Facilitator Services

Feeling a little lost or overwhelmed by the destination?

We are here to help.

We know that travelling can be complicated, especially when travelling on your own in destinations further from your comfort zone. No worries, though! A travel coach can also help you as a facilitator along your journey, as a liaison between you and the local guides and conditions.

However, a travel coach is not a tour director. Their task is not to support or to lead, but to enhance your journey. Along the way, they can highlight elements that will broaden your horizons, help you become a more aware traveller, and ultimately grow as a person.

A dedicated travel facilitator is available upon demand for any destination in Greece and the rest of the world. Especially for the city of Athens, they can help you further with personalised assistance, similar to a travel concierge, so you can make the most out of your stay.

Indicative fee: 50€/hour +VAT +expenses

The fee is calculated for a party size of up to 8 persons. Different rates apply for larger groups (+5€/person/hour). There is a minimum charge of 4hr around the city of Athens. For trips around Greece or the world, the facilitator fee is based on 8hr/day. Expenses might include entrance fees, meals, and any trip costs (such as flights, accommodation, transportation, and local activities).

#75. Northern Italy, gondolas along Venice canals
#75. Northern Italy, gondolas along Venice canals

Business solutions for professionals

For members of the travel industry and any business.

  • Design unique trips for your customers
    Our experienced team can design itineraries to anywhere around the world, including retreats, workations, and educational trips. This is ideal for travellers that prefer a lower cost trip, or for tailored unique learning experiences in less familiar destinations. This allows you to focus on more profitable operations, and outsource the rest to us.
  • Tailored coaching activities
    Indie Horizons offers a wide variety of travel-related experiences in Athens and beyond, which can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your organisation. We also provide private travel coaching sessions and facilitator services to executives and small groups.
  • Business coaching services
    With over 10 years of experience, our business coaching and strategic consulting services can help your company grow further, innovate, envision new approaches, and cope with the chaos of turbulent times. We specialise in change management, talent management, and business development.

It’s always a win-win deal!