Organising the perfect trip

#02. Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku

Organising the perfect trip

In business coaching, we organise businesses.
In life coaching, we organise people.
In travel coaching, we organise trips.

Our business is organising. Finding the optimal way to get from point A to point B, the ideal place to spend the night, the most suitable local operator. There are dozens of minor parameters to consider, thousands of websites and blogs to look for information. And then you need to align all these data to each traveller’s particular interests, travel style, and budget.

Any experienced traveller can design their own personal trips. But it takes a professional organiser to adapt the trip to each individual traveller. Slow or fast pace, hostel or luxury accommodation, self-drive or coach tours, every one of us is different and unique.

A travel agency definitely offers a professional way to organise a trip. But most often than not, they resell ready-made tourist packages from local operators, with rigid itineraries, large groups, and little flexibility.

A travel coach will use business and life coaching skills to design the perfect trip just for you. Compile each part with great attention to detail after firsthand thorough research. Focus on discovering the “why” you make the trip, rather than creating a checklist of points of interest. Guide you towards the ideal choice that fulfil your own goals and dreams. And create a personalised itinerary that combines the freedom of independent travelling with the knowledge of an experienced professional.