Personal Travel Consultant

Arrange a meeting with an experienced traveller, at your convenience, to help you design the trip of a lifetime, as your own personal travel consultant.

Personal Travel Consultant

Spoilt for choice, stressed on time?

Get a personalised destination showcase.


With this service you will get an experienced traveller as your own personal travel consultant, with firsthand knowledge of the destinations, to help you design the trip of a lifetime.

We will be the first to agree that the world is a vast place, providing us with dozens of different and beautiful options to choose from, each and every one more beguiling than the other. In addition, there are many details that are better discussed in person, rather than through a short e-mail, message or phone call, relaxing around a nice cup of coffee or a cold glass of beer.

The meeting will be arranged at a place of your choice (work, home, café, or online), and help you narrow down your trip choices, highlight the selected destinations with detailed information and authentic audiovisual material, and share with you our knowledge, photos and personal experiences.

Price: 20€/hour

The price might depend on the number of travellers involved or the meeting’s location and time. The minimum charge is 2 hours, and the service is offered in English or in Greek. In person presentations are only available within the greater metropolitan area of Athens, Greece.

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