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Exploring and booking on your own

Want to get a quick quote or setup a relaxing vacation trip? Here you will find all the necessary travel services to make the booking of your next adventure on your own. But if you’re still not satisfied with the offers you’ve found, don’t hesitate to contact us to search our even wider selection of options and discover the perfect deal just for you!


Flights to anywhere in the world, ferries for island hopping in Greece, trains and buses for backpacking through Europe.


Find the hotel of your dreams, from a five stars resort to a local coloured boutique, or go for the social option and book a youthful hostel!


Rent a car to explore the countryside to your heart’s desire, or even rent a boat to sail the crystal blue Mediterranean waters!


Never leave home without a good travel insurance, to cover against unfortunate incidents. Remember, luck favours the prudent!

Book directly, from trusted partners, at your leisure.

Booking all the necessary travel services for your next adventure on your own is easy.

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Flight Tickets

Now that you have decided which corner of the world you want to visit next, how are you going to get there? Don’t be confined to a single agency, but compare prices and book directly from some of the most trusted names worldwide, including low cost airlines!

If you ever get lost in the clouds, you may always contact us for further assistance and we’ll make life even easier for you!

Car Rental

Once you land on your destination, how do you plan to move around? Enjoy total freedom of movement by renting your own vehicle, and use the RentalCars engine to find, compare and book amazing deals from dozens of local and international agencies, anywhere in the planet! Plus, you can save money on insurance coverage!

You may always contact us if you need any assistance or want us to dig even deeper for alternative options.


Care to find quickly a place to stay for the night? Something trendy near the city centre, or a blissful resort right on the seashore? A fully furnished apartment, or a charming boutique hotel? Are you a social creature or a budget sensitive traveller, and prefer to book a youthful hostel instead? Use our selected partner’s booking engine or click on the banner below and find amazing deals all over the world!

If you are still not satisfied, looking for something more particular, or simply want to find even better deals, contact us to search our wider selection of secret nooks and crannies for that perfect place just for you!



Now that you’ve planned how to go there, what are you going to do once you arrive? Get amazing vacation fun ideas and book activities directly through our engine, powered by trusted Viator. Find cheap deals, skip the lines for the sites, and explore each destination to the fullest!

If you are interested in Greece, and especially Athens, we have many more options available for you, to allow you to explore like a local this charming and most diverse corner of the world. With dozens of affordable and alternative tours, personal service and specialised guides, contact us to discover the true meaning of hospitality.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory to get a visa for many destinations around the world. Even in those cases where it is optional, it is always better to never leave home without it. So we strongly advise you to get coverage for the whole duration of your trip.

World Nomads is a trusted partner of many travel sites, including Lonely Planet, with cheap, reliable service, designed by the travellers themselves. In addition to getting an excellent insurance to ease all your worries, you have the option of helping a third world NGO project of your choice.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need some assistance. For self-drive tours, it is always advised to get the “Explorer” advanced option, to provide additional coverage for your rental vehicle.

If you need any help or want some additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!