Design a unique trip further of the horizon.
Explore at your own pace and time.
Design your own unique travel experience.
You and that perfect place, locked together in blissful harmony.
You and that perfect place, locked together in blissful harmony.

Trip Design services

Design a unique journey further of your horizons

Travel is not about the perfect beach. It’s not about the glorious sunset. It’s about how that particular experience resonates into your very being.

Indie Horizons does not offer tourist services, but a full coaching experience. Together, we will define your travel goals, discover the ideal destination, and design the perfect journey to fulfil them. But at the same time, throw into the mix something that may challenge you. Experiences that will show you things from a different perspective. Break your stereotypes. Teach you something new.

The work of a travel coach goes beyond of just organising the trip, it’s about enriching your journey. The aim is to design a transformative experience, which will help you immerse into local culture, discover different perspectives, broaden your horizons, and ultimately bring back a new self.

Because we believe travelling should be an intimate experience, we recommend travelling solo, with your partner, or close friends, with a maximum of 4 people in your travelling party.

Indicative fee: 10€/day/person +VAT

Trip design services include an initial complimentary 30’ travel coaching session. Minimum charge is 10 days for world trips, and 5 days for Greece trips. Trip design fees are paid beforehand.

Travel further of your horizons.
Travel further of your horizons.

Trip Design process

  • Visualise your ideal trip, or browse through our destination pages for additional inspiration. Think what really matters to you as a person.
  • Define your trip details, when and how long you wish to travel, what is your budget and travel style, what you want to see and experience.
  • Contact us to book an initial 30’ coaching session to discuss your ideas and travel goals, and start designing your own unique journey.
  • After the process is complete, you will receive all the necessary information to book the trip on your own, or through a travel agency.
Explore your travel goals and dreams in a private coaching session.
Explore your travel goals and dreams in a private coaching session.

Personal Travel Coaching session

Let us explore together your travel goals and dreams

Travel coaching is not about where to go, but why go there.
A travel coach is not a travel consultant. They will not guide you towards specific destinations, or pre-determined packages. They will help you explore and define your personal travel goals and dreams, so together you can create the perfect trip.

Our travel coaching sessions are also about becoming a better traveller. Lead sustainable journeys. Respect and give back to the local communities. Minimize your impact to the environment. Shift your focus from bringing back souvenirs, to bringing back a new self.

Meaningful travelling is not about checking boxes. It is a transformative journey, that will test the limits of your comfort zone, help you break through your stereotypes, and ultimately lead you to grow as a person. And in the process, create lasting memories that can show you things from a different perspective.

Indicative fee: 20€/hour +VAT

The service is offered online, upon appointment, in English or in Greek, with a minimum total charge of 2 hours. In person sessions are also available at extra cost, within the greater metropolitan area of Athens. Our trip design services include an initial complimentary 30’ coaching session, but for further sessions normal charges apply.

Feeling a little lost or overwhelmed by the destination? We are here to help.

Travel Facilitator Services

Feeling a little lost or overwhelmed by the destination?

We are here to help.

We know that travelling can be complicated, especially when travelling on your own in destinations further from your comfort zone. No worries, though! A travel coach can also help you as a facilitator along your journey, as a liaison between you and the local guides and conditions.

However, a travel coach is not a tour leader. Their task is not to support or to lead, but to enhance your journey. Along the way, they can highlight elements that will broaden your horizons, help you become a more aware traveller, and ultimately grow as a person.

A dedicated travel coach can be available upon demand for all our programmes, anywhere around Greece and the world. Especially for the city of Athens, a travel facilitator can help you further with personalised assistance as travel concierge, so you can make the most out of your stay.

Indicative fee: 40€/hour +VAT +expenses

The fee is calculated for a party size of up to 4 persons. For larger groups the fee is 10€/person/hour. There is a minimum charge of 4hr around the city of Athens. For trips around Greece or abroad, the facilitator fee is based on 8hr/day. Expenses might include entrance fees, meals, and any trip costs (such as flights, accommodation, transportation, and local activities).

Our experienced team is here for you and your travellers.
Our experienced team is here for you and your travellers.

B2B services for travel agencies

Are you a member of the travel industry?

Our experienced team is here for you.

  • Design unique trips for your travellers
    Our experienced team can design itineraries to anywhere around the world. This is ideal for travellers that prefer a lower cost trip, or for destinations your agency is less familiar with. So you can focus on more profitable trips and your own operations, and outsource the rest to us.
  • On demand travel sales / tour leading
    For agencies that prefer a flexible workforce solution, our team can handle your excess appointments and promote your programmes, whether as temporary travel consultants at your office, as tour leaders at your tours, or as private travel coaches to high profile clients.
  • Business coaching services
    With over 10 years of experience and travel focus, our Business Coaching branch can help your company grow further, innovate, or cope through turbulent times. We specialise in change management, talent management, and business development.

It’s always a win-win deal!

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