Travel agency or travel coach?

#11. Western India, Adalaj stepwell, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Travel agency or travel coach?

If you want a professional to help you organise your trip, you can use either a travel agency or a travel coach.

Travel agencies offer an easy way to travel. You will get professional assistance both before and during the trip. You will be able to get a last minute deal. And always have a local guide to show you around.

But more often than not, travel agencies lack in flexibility. They have fixed departures, depending on demand and profitability. Fixed itineraries, with tour guides that follow the programme to the letter. Larger cumbersome groups, with an odd medley of personalities, with often conflicting travel interests.

A travel coach offers you unlimited freedom and options to choose. To spend the night in a guesthouse or a 5* resort. To spend the day wandering the cities or exploring the mountains. To drive on your own or take the train. To visit the sights or not. To use or not a guide. To travel anywhere, anytime, with any number of travellers. And all these while still maintaining high quality professional standards, focusing on your personal goals and dreams, according to your own budget and interests.

Travel coaching is also about life coaching. Therefore, each trip becomes a transformative experience. Because it’s not about ticking off checkboxes, or discovering new countries. It’s about discovering yourself.